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ACE 4400 pound Chevy/GM Dump Kit to make your pickup with a factory bed into a dump truck. Installation takes less than a day with ordinary tools. THIS MONTH - FREE SHIPPING to commercial address!  Only $29 EXTRA FOR RESIDENTIAL SHIPPING. Includes everything you need except fluid (recommend 3 quarts Dexron Transmission fluid).  INCLUDES FREE Wired & WIRELESS REMOTES with Quick Disconnect   Kit is complete with assembled scissor, hinges, HEAVY DUTY hydraulic pump & mount (POWER Down standard, hoses, nuts & bolts, upper and lower frames, custom made cylinder for extra lifting capacity, gas filler tube bracket. Industrial Duty pump has bearings on both ends of motor..  

SHIPPING:  FREE COMMERCIAL SHIPPING (only $29 more for residential) to 48 states, Call for AK or HI   800-604-8842

CHEVY/GM KITS are for full size pickup trucks from 1973 to 2017 

1973 to 1987 6' and 8' beds               STD

1988 to 1998 8' bed                            C88L

1988 to 1998 6' bed                             CS

1999 to 2017 8' bed                             C99L   

GM produced some 1999, 2000, & 2001 trucks using the older 88-98 chassis (has a channel main crossmember).  The true 99up frame has a round crossmember.  Look at rear wheel opening closest to cab and see if there is 3" round hole where the    crossmember attaches to frame - if so you have a true 99-03 frame; if not order the C88L or CS.

1999 to 2017 6' bed                             C99S      

see note above for frame check if your truck is a 99-01 for 2004 to 2010 a tab was sometimes installed on the frame near the cab.  If the tab is empty, cut it off; if it mounts an evaporative canister, the canister must be moved (usually to the other side of the frame).  

MUST know if gas or diesel as different size fuel filler tube is used (also need year).

ALL late model pickups require the bed be reinforced - recommendations in instructions.