Ace 8000 lbs TRUCK Dump Kit 6'-10' Bed

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Ace 8000 lbs Dump Kit 8'-10' Bed. 4 ton kit.  Recommended for 8-10 foot beds. Designed for 1 ton and smaller trucks (NOT TRAILERS) with flatbed or dump bed.  Ace kits are industrial strength.  All kits include an assembled scissor with welded cylinder (scissor has grease zerks), lower frame crossmember, rear scissor support, mounting brackets, double acting (Power Down) hydraulic power unit with hoses and fittings, Wired Remote (with quick disconnect), battery cable (#1 welding cable), adjustable solid steel mounting arms for front of scissor, Safety Kick Stand; Bed Hinges. Welding required.  Optional Wireless Remote only $49.   Scissor weighs 142 lbs.  1-800-604-8842

Shipping:   FREE SHIPPING BY Truck freight to COMMERCIAL ZONED ADDRESS with forklift or loading dock to 48 states.  If you want shipped to a farm or ranch please call for a freight quote.  You may pick up at factory in Texas. Email or call 1-800-604-8842.

Dump Kit "A"                  Approx Lift Capacity                               M** = 52" for 45degree”

Bed Length      Capacity      Overhang*   Net Bed Length    

 6’                       7500 lbs            0”                     6”’

 6’                       9000 lbs            6”                     5’

 7’                       6000 lbs            0”                     7’

 7’                       9000 lbs           12”                    5’

 8’                       5800 lbs             0”                     8’

 8’                       9000 lbs           12”                     6’

10’                      5800 lbs           12”                    8’

10’                      7500 lbs           24”                    6’

 * Overhang is distance from rear end of bed to hinge
** M is distance from bed hinge to front scissor rod
       for 45 degree dump angle

CANADIAN BUYERS: We do NOT ship to Canada. Shipments must be to the US only. We will ship to a location in the USA where you can pick it up or to a freight forwarding company located in the USA. Our 800 number does not work in Canada. My cell number is 903-641-6611. Thank you.