ACE Trailer Dump Kits From Class A thru F & Class 0 thru 65

$1,300.00 $1,095.00

ACE HEAVY DUTY Trailer Dump Kits are available for class A thru F and class 5 thru 65.  All kits include Hoist assembly with welded cylinder, Power Up/Power DOWN pump with BOTH Wired and WIRELESS remotes, Hinges, Safety Prop with Rest and Cup, Hose assemblies and fittings for cylinder and pump, Battery Cables, Mount extensions and collars for Hoist.  The Wired Remote has a quick disconnect, magnets on the back, and a 14 foot extension cable. The Wireless Remote is installed and includes a key fob remote and a pocket clip remote.  The wireless receiver is installed directly and you do not have to disconnect the Wired Remote to operate the Wireless.   SHIPS ON PALLET *  CALL FOR LOWEST FREIGHT QUOTE 800-604-8842.  

CANADIAN BUYERS: We do NOT ship to Canada. Shipments must be to the US only. We will ship to a location in the USA where you can pick it up or to a freight forwarding company located in the USA. Our 800 number does not work in Canada. My cell number is 903-641-6611. Thank you.


Atr A        A/0          $1095  For 7-10 foot trailer. Lifts 3 to 4.5 tons. Kit 270 lbs, scissor 140#

Atr C       C/20         $1395  For 10-14 foot trailer. Lifts 7.5 to 13 tons. Kit 440 lbs, scissor 280# 

Atr D       D/40         $1495  For 10-16 foot trailer. Lifts 7 to 16.5 tons. Kit 500 lbs. scissor 325#

Atr E       E/50         $1895  For 14-18 foot trailer. Lifts 9.5 to 13 tons. Kit 730 lbs. scissor 515#  

Atr F       F/60          $1995 For 16-20 foot trailer. Lifts 10 to 14 tons. Kit 820 lbs, scissor 625#

Atr F+     F/65          $2095 For 16-20 foot trailer. Lifts 13 to 16 tons. Kit 860 lbs. scissor 665#