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Dump Bed Kit Questions

2 Ton Pickup Dump Bed Kit Questions Answered

1.  What happens to the fuel filler tube?  The fuel tube cannot remain attached to the bed because the bed is going to go up and down.  The filler pipe can be stubbed and you lift the bed a little when filling the tank or reroute the filler tube to the wheel well (we furnish one bracket with each kit).

2. When the bed is raised won't it hit the bumper?  Yes.  You have to remove the bumper and reattach it to the hinge arms.  This is the only welding required in the installation.  The bumper is now attached to the bed, not the truck frame and does not have the strength to pull a heavy trailer.

3. How much will the universal dump kit lift?  The 2 ton kit lifts 4,000 pounds.  However, this is too much for most pickups and you should not exceed the manufacturers GVW which is on a specification plate in the vehicle.  Excess weight can result in damage to the truck bed, tires, springs, frame, etc.  Use common sense when loading your truck.

4.  Can I use a receiver hitch with the dump hoist kit?  Yes, but you may have to modify the bumper.  Options include 
(a.)  remove the bumper
(b.)  remount the receiver hitch so that it clears the bumper as it rotates down.  Make sure the receiver is attached with whatever it takes (plate, channel, gussets, angle, etc)  to provide proper strength for the hitch assembly. 
(c.)  fabricate a new bumper that the bed clears when rotated.
(d.)  modify the existing bumper.  For instance, knock out the 3 hole portion in the center (sometimes mostly plastic) or cut out the middle portion of the stock bumper and make a connector that clears the receiver tube.

5.  Can I install this dump kit on an (a.) older truck?  (b.) small truck?  (c.) mid-size truck?  We do not have a kit so you must modify the original universal kit to make it work.   This will require extra installation time.  Sometimes there is not enough room for the scissor with 2 fuel tanks (shortbed Fords) so you have to move or remove one tank.  Customers have modified the kits to work on Dakotas, Toyotas, Rangers, S-10's and Nissans.  Many kits have been modified and installed on show trucks as well as brands we do not specifically make a kit for like Jeeps, Internationals, Studebakers, etc.  Make sure the bed is not wrapped under the cab - or it will not lift.

6. Will Flatbed Dump Kits fit my truck?  YES.  The flatbed dump kits have a universal mounting system.  Some welding is required.  

7.  Is there a warranty?  YES.  The limited warranty warrants that the goods are free from defects in material and workmanship.  This warranty is for 12 months on mechanical & 6 months on electrical from date of shipment.  Warranties cover only the product or product parts, not labor costs, transportation costs or the installation or removal of the product.  Manufacturer reserves right to repair or replace the merchandise proved defective upon return, shipping prepaid, to manufacturer's facility.  Returns must be preapproved, returned in original new condition and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.